Isil, Yesil & Ishim Adventure

Isil, Yesil & Ishim Adventure

Do you want to get out of Astana and experience a Kazakhstan Steppe River at its best? The Isil River flows through Northern Kazakhstan, through Astana and eventually her waters go into Siberia, Russia. Join us on a guided adventure tour on the Ishim River 45 minutes outside of Astana. We will drive you there, explore the river and her banks with you, enjoy food and fun in sun, and get you back to Astana for a day excursion on the Ishim.

The Steppe River, The Ishim, is a beautiful water system that offers a unique opportunity to see the Steppe in a special way. The Ishim has carved its way through the plains and grasses of Northern Kazakhstan collecting life giving water and attracting all kinds of natural wildlife and beauty. Mink, Muskrats, Fox, Hairs, Badgers, Groundhogs, Deer, Hawks, Falcons, Grouse, Ducks, Eagles, Geese, Swans, Storks, Pike, Perch, Carp are some common wildlife on the Banks and in the waters of the Ishim. Wild strawberries, thyme, and chamomile can be found near the shores of the river.

Trip Inclusions

  • Paddle Distance and Trip can be tailor made to your groups desire
  • See the natural beauty of the Steppe by Kayak
  • Enjoy a day out of the city
  • Enjoy picnic style meal
  • Play in the cool clean water
  • Explore, swim some, or fish some if you have equipment
  • Picnic by the quite Steppe River away from the noise and lights of the city

Please Contact us for group size and pricing